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Revxpert - Our Services

Revxpert provides benchmark services through:

  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Process Outsourcing

to hotels, in revenue management, electronic distribution and digital marketing.

Revxpert - Our Services
Revxpert Academy

Revxpert Academy offers certificate training programmes in revenue management, electronic distribution and digital marketing for hotels.

It is an initiative to educate hospitality students and professionals for career competitiveness.

These training Programmes are:-

  • Online Instructor-Led Sessions (OILS)
  • Online Self-Paced Programmes (OSPP)
  • Cluster Classroom Assembly (CCA)
  • In-house Tailored Classroom Workshops (ITCW)

These are skill-based online trainings that update hotel professionals and prepares them for changing market scenarios and latest techniques of digital sales and marketing.

With a focus on Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for hotel professionals like hotel owners, General Managers, Sales & Marketing professionals, Front Office & Reservations experts, trainers at Revxpert ensure that each participant gains practical skills and knowledge of the subject to be able grow & perform well at their work front.

These programmes have proved very beneficial for hotel professionals who have been wanting to grow in revenue management and upgrade their digital skills. Have a look at our video case studies to understand how different professionals in hotels have evolved in their roles.

Online Instructor-Led Sessions (OILS) are web based live training sessions conducted as per schedule. These are interactive sessions usually conducted after normal working hours on weekdays as well as weekends. Click Here to view the Training Calendar.

Online Self-Paced Programmes (OSPP) are pre-recorded training programmes with a voice over to help you along the entire training content. Participants login via their individual cloud based training accounts and access programmes at a suitable time. These sessions are equally interactive and certificates are based on test scores.

Cluster Classroom Assembly (CCA) is classroom training organised for a group of people from different organisations but based closer to each other geographically. These are 2 to 5 days training programmes designed after thorough need analysis, keeping individual requirements in high importance. These assemblies are not just engaging and interactive but also give an opportunity to network.

In-house Tailored Classroom Workshops (ITCW) are customised training sessions for hotel companies. These are formulated to fully integrate with different business models, systems and processes, ensuring that training budget of the organisation is fully utilised and encourages greater buy-in from the team. These are also 2 to 5 days training workshops designed after thorough need analysis, keeping individual and organisational requirements in high importance.

Revxpert has designed a variety of programmes to keep industry organisations competitive. These programmes are targeted at hospitality students and progressive middle to senior level executives. We prepare individuals to effectively tackle priority issues in the business environment using Revenue Management, Inventory Management, Distribution and Digital Marketing practices.

We believe that in current market scenario, simply understanding hotel management or decades of general management experience does not prepare one for effective Revenue Management, Global Distribution and Digital Marketing. Being apprised of the latest trends and techniques is also crucial. While, traditional selling, distribution and pricing techniques are deeply interrelated to the latest electronic techniques of sales and marketing, Revxpert is the mechanism that provides that crucial link between traditional and latest methods.

Revxpert Consulting

With an extensive revenue management and distribution experience, team of consulting experts at Revxpert take a holistic approach to revenue management and distribution process at the hotel and look at every aspect when determining areas of concerns and thereafter figuring out how to help achieve occupancy and revenue goals. It helps independent hotels and small chains to uncover their hidden revenue potential and increase bottom line.

As part of consulting services, we offer an independent, comprehensive review of your current revenue management and pricing scheme. We have the experience and know-how to meet management consulting needs through:-

  • Revenue Management Audit
  • Process and efficiency optimisation
  • Development of plans and strategies
  • Tailored-in-company training programmes

Revenue Management Audit

Revxpert provides an independent, comprehensive review of your current revenue management and pricing strategy across all profit centres. Areas covered include:

  • Overall revenue strategy
  • The revenue team and culture
  • Past present and future analysis
  • System capabilities and process efficiency
  • Pricing value and leakage
  • Distribution Strategy and availability check
  • Channel optimisation

Process and Efficiency Optimisation

Process optimisation is a strategic approach designed to eliminate inefficiency and reduce costs, leading to better business results. This is a five-phase solution:

  • Phase 1: Identify
  • Phase 2: Analysis
  • Phase 3: Design
  • Phase 4: Train
  • Phase 5: Deliver

Development of Plans and Strategies

Team looks at every aspect of your business when determining how to help achieve your revenue goals. This includes focusing on:

  • Competitive market positioning
  • Pricing strategy
  • Business mix
  • Decision making process including tools and reports
  • Internal communication
  • eCommerce strategy
  • Benchmark performance trends
  • Distribution channel positioning and effectiveness

Tailored-In-Company Training Programmes

Revxpert offers extensive programmes in hospitality management topics designed for companies. Courses can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of an organisation, from supervisory to top management levels. We work with you to create tailored training programmes that fully integrate with your business, your systems and your processes, ensuring that your training budget is fully utilised and encourages greater buy-in from your team.

For further information or to find out how we can help you please contact us on +91-9910443335 or write to us at [email protected]

Revxpert Process Outsourcing

At times a fresh outlook may be exactly what’s needed to give your hotel business the extra lift to get you ahead of the competition. You may simply need a sounding board to sense check your existing strategies, or you’re considering transitioning an existing revenue or distribution resource, or you are in look out of a revenue manager. Whatever may be the situation, we can provide a solution.

Revxpert specialises in improving hotel performance through innovative revenue management and distribution strategies. Revxpert team incorporates itself into the hotel’s management structure and operates as a part of the hotel team, taking upon the responsibilities and duties of revenue management and business development.

The team implements best practices, proven techniques and the latest travel distribution developments and optimise financial results of the hotel. Team will help you outperform competition and become a leader in the local market.

Our contracts are flexible, you can choose the services you require, so the degree of outsource is up to you.

We allow you to keep control of your business whilst gaining maximum benefit from a team of specialists in revenue management. We operate your hotel according to the best suitable practices and keeping up to speed with all industry developments.

The immediate benefits are an improvement in business processes, business performance and a focus on continual improvement in market share.

For further information or to find out how we can help you please contact us on +91-9910443335 or write to us at [email protected]