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How to hire a Revenue Manager?

Posted on 12th May, 2016 by Geetika Bahri Jain
How to hire a Revenue Manager?

Interviewing candidates for revenue management process has been one hell of an experience for me. This one experience made such an impact that I have ended up opening a school on revenue management education. Most of the time, candidates arranged by HR were hotel management graduates who were taught nothing on revenue management or global distribution systems.

Hiring a revenue manager or expert in revenue management can be a daunting task. Let’s accept it that there is a dearth of good, learned revenue managers. Those who are “good” revenue managers, they cannot fit into the payroll budget of, especially, the domestic hotel companies.

So how are hotel companies expected to run their revenue management process? Outsource revenue management? Do you think these companies can do justice to a hotel while they are managing its competition also?!

Well, I shall put more light on this subject in my next post.

For now, let’s try and figure out how can a decently skilled revenue manager be hired. What questions should be asked while interviewing for a revenue manager’s position? Some of these below mentioned questions may help you figure out whether the candidate sitting across should be you next or no:-

The company he/she was last hired at, how strongly is it positioned on online channels?

What is the kind of ARR & REVPAR that it does? How tis it ranked among its competitors? What is the kind of growth seen in online channels business since his/her hiring? What is the kind of RFP business done and how structured is the process?

What pricing techniques the candidate follows?

What factors would he consider while deciding on a price in a particular situation? What reports would he study while deciding on BAR pricing?

How good are his/her relationships with channel partners?

How often would he visit an OTA office? Can he have the hotel’s ranking improved just basis his relationship?

How good is he with managing digital marketing agencies?

Can he read a website traffic report and take adequate decisions basis that?

How about his soft skills?

Is he good at people management? Is he a visionary and innovative thinker? Can he convince his sales colleague without annoying him?

Last but not the least, how tech-savvy is he?

Can he lead projects like channel manager selection, PMS integration, RMS installation, mobile application launch, etc.?

In a nutshell, your selection process must be crystal clear. These are few basics that a general manager or hotel leader must be in position to evaluate during a revenue management interview.