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Revxpert - About Us

Revxpert has been established with a mission to be an eminent source and leading distributor of knowledge to hotel industry.

Revxpert was developed with focus on providing professional and executive development to students in the hospitality industry. We offer professional certificate programmes to hospitality students and professionals in following disciplines:-

  • Revenue Management
  • Electronic Distribution or eCommerce
  • Digital marketing
Revxpert - About Us

Team at Revxpert felt the need for educating hoteliers on this area which is not yet covered in most hospitality schools. Therefore, a platform which features research-based revenue management, global sales and distribution and digital marketing knowledge, generated by fellow hoteliers and years of experience, was created to cater to this need. Revxpert is doing its best to ensure that this knowledge is freely available to senior industry managers and experienced leaders as well as hospitality students by means of open training programmes and consulting.

While Revxpert is mostly focused on developing individuals in the hospitality industry, it is also making an effort to empower hotel companies to have their own set-up of in-house:-

  • Revenue Management & Electronic Distribution function
  • Central Reservation Offices
  • Digital Marketing Team

This is done by means of project based consulting that includes customised:-

  • Strategy Creation
  • Script Writing
  • SOP formulation
  • Specialist Hiring
  • Technology Selection
  • In-house Training

While two of these are core areas of operation for Revxpert, the team also assists hotels that face fundamental issue such as lack of acceptable infrastructure in form of internet connectivity or availability of manpower. For such hotels, team acts just like the in-house team and supports the hotel operation as an extended arm.

For further information or to find out how we can help you please contact us on +91-9910443335 or write to us at [email protected]