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Revxpert is dedicated to create specialists, in the field of revenue management, global electronic distribution and digital marketing, to help serve the hospitality industry meet the challenges ahead
  • I have always been a successful F&B manager and then general manager throughout my career span of 22 year. But since the time these newer concepts of revenue management and electronic channels and digital marketing have come up, things have not been as hunky-dory. Although, I was hesitant in the beginning, since the training programmes were also using electronic media, with the help of your supportive and flexible trainers, I have comfortably completed the courses. Online is not that bad. Knowledge that I received, especially, on the GDS (Global Distribution Systems) and pricing techniques in revenue management was worth the time invested. Thank you!
    Ravikant, Hotel General Manager
    Training Participant from August 2015 batch
  • It has given me an overall confidence when I'm dealing with colleagues and guests and even the hotel owners and management. I find myself able to deal with curve ball situations better. I had a fear of managing electronic channels, but now that I have understood the game, I can contribute a lot more to hotels online business. I find it fun now. It is a much easier road to go, even if the tasks are challenging I don't have a lot of the hiccups that I had even six months ago."
    Gaurav, Front Office Manager
    Training Participant from August 2015 batch
  • I have 2 year of hotel sales experience. I wanted a career in revenue management, had given a lot of interviews but due to little knowledge on the subject I couldn’t get through even the basic questions at the interviews. Revxpert’s training has helped in effectively kick-starting my revenue management career. I always wanted to be part of the revenue management team and thanks to Revxpert, I am now a revenue management executive.
    Training Participant from August 2015 batch
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